I am a Research Scientist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. My research program is focused on understanding how global changes, primarily climate and land-use & land-cover change, affect wildlife species and communities. A second emphasis is on developing solutions and using science-based evidence to help solve pressing conservation problems. My research typically takes a macroecological lens but I use data from multiple spatial and temporal scales, often addressing how species range dynamics are affected by processes and changes occurring across scales. See my research page for more details on current and past projects.

I am based at the National Wildlife Research Centre located on Carleton University campus.

I look forward to hearing from potential collaborators and students. I can be reached at ilona.naujokaitis-lewis [at] canada.ca.

Research themes

  1. Understanding and improving predictions of species and community responses to climate change and land-use change.
    • Climate change vulnerability assessments for terrestrial wildlife
    • Drivers of native pollinator declines: role of landscape and climate change in agroecosystems
    •  Pollination potential modeling: national assessment
  2. Climate change adaptation strategies for biodiversity conservation
    • Importance of timing of conservation actions under climate change
    • Systematic conservation planning
  3. Accounting for uncertainties in biodiversity conservation




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